Sarah Grew is a painter and photographer who currently lives in Eugene Oregon. She has created work involving painting, photography, installation, collage, and eco or environmental art although her primary emphasis is on painting. She has completed several public art projects as well as having work in private collections nationally and internationally. Grew relishes discovering places that are new to her and has traveled widely through Europe, South-east Asia, and parts of Mexico to expand her cultural awareness and enrich her work. In the past few years she has been awarded residencies at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming, and at Playa in eastern Oregon. 


At the Arthur you can find four paintings from the series entitled Opening by Sarah Grew. Originally painted when she lived in the San Francisco, these paintings are meant to speak about light and motion; they capture a glimpse from the corner of ones eye, that moment when you notice something but are not focused on it. Painted on steel for its reflective surface that continually reacts to the changing light and to motion of the viewer walking by, and through the application of transparent layers of paint, these works are always in flux, changing with the seasons as well as the time of day. 

Enthralled with the way the paintings change we realized they would be perfect in the stairwell at the Arthur where the viewer is invited to see them from many angles as well as at all times of the day and night. At our urging Sarah unearthed them from storage beneath a house and brought them back to their current lustrous state. We hope they will be enjoyed by all the residents and their guests.


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